Visor Cam

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Visor Cam was an experiment to see if I could record video while driving.

As I used to drive a full-size pickup truck, the cabin height was substantial, and I was able to mount a standard point-and-shoot camera to the sun visor without blocking my vision.

After I downloaded each video from the camera, I sped it up in video editing software (eight times normal running speed subjectively seemed to work best).

Sample Videos

Below are a few of my favorite visor cam videos. To see all of the videos, please visit my visor cam Youtube playlist.

Snow Drive

After doing a few test videos, this was my first production video, depicting a drive through Fairborn, Ohio after a snowfall.

The video was not perfect; the high position of the camera in the truck cabin placed it above the coverage area of the windshield wipers, leaving some water droplets in front of the camera. Nonetheless, the drive was clearly visible.

Cincinnati at Night

This video was taken while driving northbound on I-75 from near Buttermilk Pike on the Kentucky side of the Ohio River, across the river, and through downtown.

Interstate H-3

While on vacation on the island of Oʻahu, Hawaiʻi, I took a video along the 15-mile length of Interstate H-3.

This video had slightly more glare and vibration than normal; my rental car’s cabin was nowhere near as tall as my truck’s, so I couldn’t safely mount the camera on my visor. Thus, I had to make a temporary mount by fastening a miniature camera tripod to a GPS suction cup mount at the lower center of the dashboard, which resulted in some reflections of the dashboard itself in the windshield.