CAD Models

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I’ve used CAD software to create a number of 3D models.


3D Modeling Software SketchUp


In order to open the .skp files below, you will need to download SketchUp.

Media Room

SketchUp model of a basement room

This model is an idealized version of an entertainment room in a walk-out basement. The room dimensions are not from any specific basement; rather, I made this model to determine how large such a basement would need to be.

This room was designed around the desk; specifically, the goal was to allow a view of the television over the top of the desktop monitors, while still allowing a number of other guests to watch from the sectional couch:

SketchUp model of a basement room, from the eyepoint of someone sitting at the desk

Appropriate cabling would be added to allow the desktop computer’s display to be an input to the television. A wireless keyboard and mouse would be used to allow one to use the desktop on the large television while sitting on the couch.

The tables at the back of the room were intended to seat up to sixteen guests:

SketchUp model of a basement room, from a viewpoint above the rear tables

This was intended for use in either tabletop gaming or a LAN party (where guests would provide their own computers). The LAN party configuration, however, would require substantial power and additional cooling for all of the computers. The latter in particular is why this room is intended to be in a walk-out basement. During cooler weather, opening the door would be sufficient; during warmer weather, the exterior wall would provide an opportunity for installation of additional air conditioning.

The wallpapers rendered on the screens in the above models are from


SketchUp model of an apartment layout

I originally created this model with no furniture to demonstrate the layout of my apartment in a photo gallery. Later, I created furniture for the bedroom to play around with its layout. Eventually, I plan to model the furniture in the remainder of the apartment.

Truck Weight Frame

SketchUp model of a wooden frame

I used to drive a rear wheel drive pickup truck, so during the winter, it was useful to have some weight centered over the rear axle. I created this model to design a wooden frame to hold ten concrete blocks in place in the truck bed.

Gingerbread Westcott House

SketchUp model of a simplified Westcott House

This model was used to plan out a gingerbread house based on the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Westcott House.

Pancake (Desktop Computer)

SketchUp models of two desktop towers

Pancake is my primary computer, shown here with its current case (Silverstone TJ08B-E) and its previous case (Lian Li PC-7B Plus).

Chili Dog (MacBook Pro)

SketchUp model of a MacBook Pro laptop

Chili Dog was a MacBook Pro laptop I used to own.

The wallpaper rendered on the screen in the above model is from

Nintendo Wii

SketchUp model of a Nintendo Wii

Boat Quarters

SketchUp model of living quarters on a boat

This model of living quarters on a fictional boat was largely an experiment to see how I would handle placing furnishings and fixtures along a curved wall.